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Submission Requirements

LegendFiction dreams of an exciting home where readers can discover and support their favorite authors. To make this happen, all members agree to common sense, positivity and courtesy – either in comments or submissions. 

Please read carefully! These details apply to every Contest or Quest.

What can be sent in

  • Language: We accept work, written in English, from anywhere in the world—regardless of genre, style, or origin—and welcome fiction and genre-bending. Creative is good. Creative with a strong character arc is even better.
  • Any stories previously submitted to LegendFiction are not eligible for these contests.
  • Contest stories must remain ‘family friendly,’ or PG-13. No graphic violence, sex, or language. Contest entries may be published in Pennon, the CatholicAuthor journal.
  • We accept only your original submissions. We do not accept stories that have won other contests, or been published on other websites. Past stories published on your personal website   are welcome.
  • Entries must be completely and entirely original to the author entering them.


  • High School 13+ writers are welcome to submit. It is assumed that your submissions have been approved by a parent or a guardian.
  • Staff members (story mentors) are not eligible for participation.  
  • You keep your copyright! After the contest, you are welcome to post it on your own blog, submit it elsewhere, and publish it as you will. Your content is your own, but  you are granting the LegendFiction staff an irrevocable, royalty-free license to distribute, repurpose, and edit your submission in any medium. This is for publishing online and our print journal.
  • Any entry or author may be removed or rejected from LegendFiction for disregard for the rules, harrassing fellow contestants, or abusing this website in any way.

Judging Process

  • All participants will be notified about the contest finalists by email, or in the community. Judges’ decisions are final.
  • We only offer personalized feedback to contestants who make it into Round 1, or Course members.    
  • We read all submissions ‘anonymously,’ meaning name and past expertise does not influence our decision on the merit of your entry.
  • We provide feedback and editing recommendations on every entry that proceeds through the contest rounds. Poorly written jumbles of words, or inexperienced entries, are passed over in favor of entries with demonstrated skill. The LegendFiction staff reserves the right to NOT award a winner if the submissions do not reach a publishable standard.
  • A contestant continues to earn their place by incorporating feedback and demonstrating improvement. All our editors have been trained to help guide the development of each piece to reach its fullest potential in keeping with the author’s vision. We value your effort.
  • Preference is given to stories with solid storytelling structure, well constructed and written, and is consistent with the CatholicAuthor & LegendFiction voice, as determined by contest staff and administrators, in their sole but reasonable discretion. 

Questions? Post them in the community, or send us a message!

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