Sacred Tales Contest 2022

sacred stories contest

Come one, come all! Our third contest for 2022 has begun, where anyone who loves writing fun, faith-inspired fiction is invited to send in a short 'sacred' story. This theme centers on Sacred Scripture, the saints, or an uplifting paranormal tale! Winners get featured right here in LegendFiction.

This contest is hosted by LegendFiction (formerly CatholicAuthor), and finalists are published in Pennon, the LegendFiction journal. Plus, finalists earn free membership to the private community!

Read all these tabs carefully for contest details.

Theme: Sacred Stories

Create a dramatic, imaginative retelling of a well-loved Bible tale. Enter into a saint's story with a new idea. Invent a modern day thriller, imaginative mystery, or tender love tale with realistic people. 

Stories should respect Christian theology. Fantasy and fantastic stories are welcome, but must play within the lines of a family-friendly, Orthodox/Catholic understanding of how reality works. So you can create fiction based on saints or Bible stories, and even include legendary creatures or cautionary tales.

Do your best to be theologically accurate when dealing with spiritual realities.

What are sacred stories?

This tier of taletelling are the 'mysteries', the stories of direct contact with sacred, sacramental, and spiritual realities. God, Heaven, transcendence, revelation, prophecy, lives of the saints, demons, shadow sides, and so on.

Far too often, sacred stories are simplified to share with little children. But saints stories are anything but simple. They’re anything but safe.

They are the frontier of human fierceness and failing butting up against the relentless love of God. They are the dark morning of Jacob grappling with an Angel and breaking his hip for a blessing.

They’re full of horror, violence, depression, anger, mistakes, misapplied virtue, misunderstood truths, and terrible cultural pressure.  And they’re also full of light, heroism,  hunger, joy, and everything good from the Father of Lights. 

Being aware of a saint’s story is like knowing about a fairy tale. We’ve heard the superficial retelling of events. 

But fairy tales, myths, and sacred stories, are gateways to a deeper frontier – the much needed Dark Night of the Soul. That edge of the abyss of human existence where we step off into God with a full and willing trust. Where faith replaces feelings, and hope transcends reason.

That’s where the saints live. That’s how they understood their calling, their journey, their sacred pilgrimage. 

So your stories here call on this journey. 

Your short story submission must be between 1000 to 3,000 words. 

No fan fiction. Your creative world may be similar to your favorite series, but must have original content.

Contestant participants can be

All stories are subject to mentor review, and may be denied publication. Get familiar with our story checklist.


The first, second, and third place finalists:

  • Get free membership in CatholicAuthor
  • Will be published in our printable journal, Pennon
  • Featured on this contest page 


All entries must be submitted by August 30. The judging rounds and finalist announcements will be shared around September 15!

How judging works

  • CatholicAuthor staff will review every entry after the deadline, and select the top 10 best for Round 1. (This number may change, depending on the quantity and quality of entries!)
  • The Round 1 entries are put to public vote within the communities to decide on the top 3.
  • The top 3 entries are reviewed by our sponsor or friend of CatholicAuthor, who are not members, to decide on the first place finalist.

High school teen entries are judged separately from adult authors. First place is judged by popular teen vote.

Honorable mentions may  be published in Pennon, at the discretion of our CatholicAuthor staff.

Contest Details

Read all the contest requirements here.

To submit your story, sign in to your free profile on LegendFiction, add your author account, and post your story.

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Mentor Entries

Stories from our mentors, to help set the tone, and join in the fun. These entries will not be part of the contest.


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