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Narnia, Pandora, Middle Earth, Redwall, Westeros, Avalon, Hogwarts… we’re inspired by all these and more. As readers and authors, we love worlds of storytelling. The stuff of legends. 


Share your unique voice and original stories on LegendFiction, a home for fiction by Catholic authors.


Build your world of fans, friends, and readers. Connect with other like-minded writers through storytelling.


Join contests, quests, and sign up for the CatholicAuthor community for mentors, resources, and friendship!

Our #1 mission is to create a thrilling and ludicrously fun environment to inspire writing fiction!

Are you a modern reader (mostly Catholic) and looking for fun, fantastic fiction written by faithful authors - who take their faith and their stories seriously? 

The CatholicAuthor Journal is an easy way for everyone to enjoy stories! 

We’re building an exciting home for free, riveting fiction. 

This is popular fiction for the rest of us!   

Why CatholicAuthor fiction?

Today, many families and readers struggle to turn to their libraries, or online media, and trust to find good fiction. Plenty of fiction is downright harmful. And plenty of the faith-based stuff is downright cringe-worthy. 

So we’re building the answer together. 

The founder of CatholicAuthor, Dominic de Souza, is investing over $10,000 worth of effort and investment to help build a new home for Catholic readers. We plan to build a humming home of creative fiction, with stories, serialized novels, printable journals, and books you can buy. 

It’s everything a Catholic fiction writer dreams of – a private, supportive  community to give and get feedback, and grow their writing network.

And it’s everything modern Catholic readers didn’t know existed – a thriving journal of fresh stories – where the story comes first, and our faith is never pushy or preachy. 

Our authors are modern Catholics and teens who ‘get’ that writing a good story is the most important thing!
Our fiction is faith-inspired, for many ages and genres. But be warned… not all stories are family-friendly. Some are written for specific audiences, so check the tags on each story.
You can also filter results that interest you! As we grow, we will continue to be more helpful – and even more exciting.

A SmartCatholics project

In essentials, we stand with Pope Francis and the Magisterium, in a spirit of unity. In opinions, we welcome the widest latitude. In all, we live in kindness and hope. Every member agrees to:

1. Commit to respect and kindness: I understand that respect and kindness build trust. Trust is needed so that everyone can thrive and discover their personal best.

2. Protect my community: I will build the community I want to be a part of, one conversation at a time. I will champion the needs of others, while striving to keep my activities welcoming to everyone.

3. Be my own last line of defense: I will help SmartCatholics/CatholicAuthor keep me safe. I will be responsible with my activities, personal information, and conduct.

Read the full Code of Conduct.

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