Halloween Light

Short Story Quest

Halloween Light

Host: Katy Campbell

Have a blast creating Halloween stories that don’t take themselves too seriously. They can be spooky, thrilling, funny, or even straight up corny. Just have fun writing something your readers will love! Corny and cliché? That’s okay in this quest!

(Bonus points if you can use a visual prompt from this gallery below!)

Welcome to Halloween Light! If you are the type of person who loves the light-hearted, the absurd, and even the cheesy, this is the quest for you. Don’t think too hard, just put your hands on the keyboard and have a blast.

The only real requirements (aside from the usual Legend Fiction rules) are: You have a ton of fun creating the story. Your story is horror themed. Your story can be fantasy, historical, contemporary, romance, slapstick… it doesn’t matter as long as it includes some sort of spooky element.

Horror movie cliches are welcome, including but not limited to:

  • The teens decide to split up before exploring the creepy house.
  • Nobody calls the police.
  • An old man warns the main characters about the danger and is promptly ignored.
  • The jerk boyfriend dies first.
  • They don’t move out of the haunted house.
  • Your characters make stupid decisions throughout.
  • They read the Latin out of the creepy book.
  • Bonus points if you include a cheesy one-liner like “I’m having an old friend for dinner.” - The Shining 

Your short story submission should be between 1000 to 5,000 words. 1 story per quest.

No fan fiction. Your creative world must be original - but it can be similar to your favorite series.

All stories are reviewed with our handy Story Checklist.

Contestant participants:

  • Must be 13+
  • Must create an author profile on this website
  • Can be members of the LegendFiction community


The top 10 stories will be published in a special, print-on-demand LegendFiction journal that you can share with friends and fans!

How judging works

LegendFiction staff will review every entry as it comes in. After the deadline, Katy will suggest top 10 best for us to consider for publication in a print-on-demand journal. If we don't have enough entries, or the entries don't fit the quality we're looking for, we will extend the deadline. This number may change - depending on the quantity and quality of entries!

Quest Details

Quests and contest work the same way. Read all the contest requirements here.

To submit your story:

  1. Sign in to your free profile on LegendFiction
  2. Add your author account
  3. Post your story

Where do I ask Questions? Leave a question at the end of this page in the comments area. Or you can send Katy a private message on her profile!


First Place Finalists: Authors & Teens

The contest sponsor voted first place for our Author story. Teen first place was decided by popular vote, with a mentor’s vote to break the tie! 

Katy Campbell

Welcome to the ‘Halloween Light’ Quest! I’m your host, Katy Campbell and I’m very excited about hosting this quest! I am a fantasy author and humorist with four books published so far. I believe to my core that comedy is just as important as drama and the best stories include a little of both. Please reach out if you have any questions! Happy writing! Send me a private message on my profile!


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